Loyal Customers Programme

All registered users on www.drisla.bg take advantage of the Loyal Customers Programme, collecting bonus points for each purchase in the online store. The bonus points can be redeemed for a discount on following orders.

How it works:

1. For every 1 BGN you spend you get 1 bonus point. Points are rounded down. E.g. You will get 10 points for a purchase of 10,50 BGN

2. Depending on the total collected bonus points, you can be in one of the following customer levels:

  • Hobby dr.isla – up to 500 points
  • Pro dr.isla 501-1000 points
  • Master dr.isla above 1000 points

3. To get a discount of 1 BGN you should redeem

  • Hobby dr.isla – 20 points
  • Pro dr.isla – 10 points
  • Master dr.isla – 7 points

4. A minimum balance of 100 points in the account is required in order to be able to redeem points for a discount.

5. In exchange to all/some of their points users can create discount codes to share. You will find it in Profile > My Points > Manage Points

6. Details and statistics regarding orders, collected points and their current value, redeemed points, etc is available in > Profile>My Points/Points History

7. Important remarks

  • The bonus scheme is only available to registered users. No points are assigned to guest purchases;
  • Bonus points don’t expire;
  • Redeeming bonus points and using a discount code for the same order is not possible;
  • Bonus points are added to your account only after the order is processed and shipped;
  • The allocated points are removed in case the order is refunded or cancelled;
  • When points are redeemed, bonus points are added equal only to the balance amount of the order. E.g.: For a purchase order of 52 BGN you use bonus points to get a 20 BGN discount and pay 32 BGN. You will get 32 bonus points in your account;
  • Bonus points cannot be used to cover shipping costs(if such apply).

8. Creative Brands OOD can change the rules of the Loyal Customer programme by announcing the changes in a newsletter and/or drisla.bg