Terms and Conditions

General Conditions of use and sale

The following General Conditions take effect between:

Creative Brands OOD , registered in Sofia, Bulgaria under registration number: BG205729152, based in Sofia, Druzhba, bl. 406, fl. 2, ap 81 and the same correspondence address, referred to as Service Provider , and any visitor on www.drisla.bg who’s accepted these Terms and Conditions, referred to as User, and as per ordering and purchase of products available on www.drisla.bg online shop.

Please carefully read the following Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of www.drisla.bg online shop as they are applied to all visitors on www.drisla.bg . Clicking a link, picture or object(different from the Terms and Conditions) or any button on www.drisla.bg is considered acceptance of the following Conditions of Use and Sale. The Conditions of Use and Sale are in compliance with the Consumer Protection Act and any other law applicable and current in the Republic of Bulgaria.


1.1 The following terms used in the Conditions of Use and Sale and are hereby defined: Service Provider is Creative Brands OOD, owner of www.drisla.bg – an online shop. The Service Provider can at any time change the website content and access to it.

User is any website visitor who’s accepted the Conditions of Use and Sale and is using the website to purchase available products.

Online shop is the website www.drisla.bg , that is also a web based platform for sale of products delivered upon an order by the User.

IP address is the unique identification number, associated computer or webpage of the user, used to locate them in the World Wide Web.

Client profile is a part of the website where User data is stored. The user data is provided solely by the user when registering a profile, accessible by username and password, and hosted by www.drisla.bg . The user can access and edit all personal information, including but not limited to the password, personal data, order history.

Password is chosen by the User combination of symbols(letters and/or digits) used together with a valid email address of the User to identify the User and allow him access to the available products on the online shop.

Order is the User’s confirmation to purchase one or more items from www.drisla.bg . The order is packed and delivered by Courier to the user’s address.

Selling Price is the final price for an item, including VAT and all applicable taxes.

Courrier is the business entity compliant with the applicable law, that physically delivers the Order to the address appointed by the User.

Force Majeure is an event unpredictable at the moment of Order that makes processing and delivering the order impossible.

Newsletter is an online information letter concerning items offered on www.drisla.bg. This is a periodically issued information either posted on the website or sent to the User by email in case the User has subscribed to it.

Marketing messages are advertising and other messages containing information about items sold and services offered.


2.1. Browsing www.drisla.bg and it’s online shop is free and accessible worldwide.

2.2. drisla.bg is a website and online shop selling products to end customers. The information available on the website is intended solely for personal, non-commercial use. It is Forbidden for the User to copy, edit, transfer, or manipulate in any way the website content.

2.3. A registration with email address and password is necessary to shop on www.drisla.bg . Registration is free and completed on an online form where the User is required to fill in name, delivery address, valid email address and password.

2.4. User data – full name, region, city, zip code, delivery address, correspondence address, phone number and a valid email address – all voluntarily provided by the User when registering a profile on www.drisla.bg , is collected and used in compliance with the Data Protection Law. The data is only necessary to process and deliver the User’s orders by the courier.

2.5. The Service Provider will not sell or lend any personal information, including email address, provided by the User on www.drisla.bg . All personal data is safe and will not be used in any way apart from what the User has agreed upon.

2.6. The Service Provider posts the following information on www.drisla.bg :

2.6.1. description and image of the items sold by the online shop;

2.6.2. selling price, basic description and additional information to aid the User’s informed choice when choosing a product. Also, a user opinion tab is available for each item and the User is welcome to share opinion and rate any aspect of his purchase – product, delivery, payment etc.

2.6.3. delivery cost is not included in the selling price. Information on the delivery cost can be obtained when finalising an Order or in the Payment and Delivery section.

2.6.4.the conditions under which the User can cancel or return an order, apart from the Consumer Protection Law

2.6.5. any other data the Service Provider is required to provide the User by the current law prior to making an order.

2.7. The Service Provider reserves the right to change price, quantity, payment and delivery options of the items offered, and also the website design and tech. The Service Provider can change or delete information on any item without the need of prior notice. In case a change concerning item availability, price or delivery time/option is made to an existing order, the Service provider gets in touch with the User to communicate the change and confirm processing the order under the new conditions.

2.8. The Service Provider can post banners and links to third party websites, including in the User Profile section.

2.9. The User is required to:

2.9.1. Provide a valid phone number, email address, and shipping address;

2.9.2. Pay the price of the ordered items;

2.9.3. Pay the shipping cost, except the cases where it is for Service Provider to do so;

2.9.4. To protect his password;

2.9.5. To log out of the client profile when done shopping in compliance with internet safety protocols;

2.9.6. Not post fake information or orders. The User is solely responsible for the safety of his password and all activity in his account.

2.9.7. Follow the rules for cancelling/returning an order published on www.drisla.bg ;

2.9.8. Follow the bulgarian law, ethics, the hereby stated Conditions of Use, as well as Internet ethics;

2.9.9. Not violate others property and other rights, including the intellectual property right;

2.9.10. Not interfere with the systems proper functioning, including but not limited to preventing the identification of other users, unauthorised access, preventing other users from accessing the online shop;

2.9.11. Not copy and use any information and user data on www.drisla.bg;

2.10. The User has the right to:

2.10.1. Access the Service provider online at any time and in compliance with the access requirements, apart from the cases of Force Major – server response, natural disaster etc.;

2.10.2. Access and edit the provided profile data;

2.10.3. cancel/return an order in compliance with bulgarian law/The Consumer Protection Law/ and the Conditions of Use of www.drisla.bg;

2.11. Violating any of the above listed conditions gives the Service Provider the right to immediately deny access to the User profile and seek compensation of all damage done and profit lost as a direct and immediate


3.1. In order to be able to shop online on www.drisla.bg , the User has to submit an online registration form on www.drisla.bg When doing so the User has to provide all required information and update any changes in a 7-day-period. The User must assure all data is current and valid and will be updated in a timely manner. In case the User submits invalid data or data is not updated as required, the Service provider can immediately and without notice delete or deny the User access to their profile.

3.2. Registering a client Profile equals consent with the Conditions of Use.The User is then able to order on www.drisla.bg

3.3. Registering a client profile the User agrees to receive online and sms correspondence, messages regarding orders, items, data change confirmations, and also newsletter and marketing messages. The User can unsubscribe of any/all of the above at any time by:

3.3.1. Clicking the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of any message/newsletter.

3.3.2. Contacting the Service Provider – online or by phone – requesting to unsubscribe

3.4. Ordering from www.drisla.bg after unsubscribing of newsletter/messages is considered a new, active subscription

3.5. The Service provider reserves the right to choose which subscribed users to approach with a newsletter/marketing messages.

3.6. The newsletter and marketing messages can only include information on items offered on www.drisla.bg


4.1. The User can access the online shop after logging in his client profile with a valid email address and password.

4.2. An order is made after: choosing an item and size and clicking the Add to Cart button, then confirming the quantity, delivery address and payment option and clicking the Checkout button.

4.3. The User receives an email confirmation once an order is made on www.drisla.bg

4.4. In case an ordered item is not in stock the Service Provider notifies the User and the item can be changed/removed from the order, or the order can be cancelled.

4.5. Users can order online on www.drisla.bg 24/7.

4.6. The orders are processed and delivered in 3-5 business days.

4.7. Orders with incorrect or missing information will be cancelled by the Service Provider unless the full and correct information is not provided in a 48-hour period after the order is made.


5.1. Upon making an order, the system automatically confirms the order to the user’s email address.

5.2. Delivery is due in 3-5 business days after order confirmation, unless the User is duly informed for a delay

5.3. Orders are not delivered on Sundays and holidays. Delivery cost and options are listed in the Payment and Delivery Section on www.drisla.bg

5.4. The Service Provider ships via Speedy and Evropat 2000. The usual delivery time is between 9 am and 5.30 pm.

5.5. The order is delivered in a suitable packaging to the user’s delivery address.

5.6. Delivery is made to either a physical user address(residence or office) or an office of the Shipping agent.

5.7. In case the User cannot receive the order or pick it up from the shipping company office in the above listed timeframe, the Service Provider is no longer responsible for the order delivery. The User can still confirm and request the delivery again but in this case will be charged all the delivery cost.

5.8. The following payment options are available:

5.8.1. Postal Money order – you pay the shipping company upon delivery;

5.8.2 Bank Transfer – you pay upon making an order. The order is processed once the funds have cleared in the co’s bank account.

5.9. The User pays the price of the order as per the order confirmation. The price of each item can be changed at any time by the Service Provider.

5.10. All prices are in BGN and with VAT included. The price does not include the shipping cost. In case the User wants to pay in different currency, they have to get in touch with the Service Provider and confirm the option and amount owed.

5.11. The User must pay the selling price of the ordered items and the transfer and shipping cost of the order.


6.1. Order claims can be made to the Service Provider online on www.drisla.bg via email while at the same time returning the order in a 14-day period of the order delivery.

6.2. When making a claim the User can choose to change the items for new(undamaged) ones of the same kind or get a full refund.

6.3. Returning an order due to either cancelling or a claim can be done to the sender’s address on the delivery receipt.

6.4. When returning an order the User pays the shipping cost.


7.1. Any and all information published on www.drisla.bg , including images and item descriptions, are a property of the Service provider.

7.2. Copying text or images from www.drisla.bg and posting such on other websites and online shops is illegal, unless there is a written agreement with the service provider.


8.1. The service provider is not responsible to a third party claims regarding intellectual property as far as images and description of items sold on the website are concerned, as they are created /paid for by the service provider.

8.2. In the case of a force majeure like natural disaster, global internet connection/server issues, etc., the service provider can not be held responsible for delayed order processing, shipping, website and online shop access.

8.3. The service provider cannot guarantee error free all time access to the website and online shop as far as it is outside of his control and abilities.

8.4. The service provider is not responsible for any software, hardware or telecommunication device damage, data loss included, due to use of such device to shop on www.drisla.bg.

8.5. The service provider bears no responsibility for information on third party websites linked via banners or ads to www.drisla.bg , client profile pages banners and ads included..

8.6. The service provider is not responsible for any damage or profit lost due to such materials or content.

8.8. The service provider is not responsible and objectively capable of controlling the way Users use the online shop.


9.1. The User can get in touch with the service provider to provide feedback, ask questions or obtain information via email or phone listed in the Contacts section of www.drisla.bg

9.2. The service provider is also the website administrator and as such can delete any messages containing unethical, rude or politically incorrect wording.


10.1 The user can request to delete their profile at any time. In case of such a request, the profile will be deleted after all outstanding orders are delivered and paid for.

10.2 The user owes the service provider compensation for any and all damage and profit lost, including attorney’s fees and taxes due to third party claims, immediate to the User’s violation of bulgarian law, applicable international law, the hereby listed Conditions of Use or ethics. The user must compensate the service provider for any damage caused by third parties who have obtained the user’s password.

10.3 The parties agree that in case any section of the Conditions of Use is found void this doesn’t affect the rest of the Conditions of Use sections.

10.4. Disputes between the parties shall be settled in a spirit of goodwill. In case no agreement is reached, all unresolved disputes will be resolved in court in the city of Sofia.

10.5. The Conditions of use can be changed by the service provider with no prior notice. Such change will not affect orders made prior to the change. A current version of the Conditions of Use is always available on www.drisla.bg

10.6. All unsettled issues will be settled by t he provisions of the current legislation in the Republic of Bulgaria.