Starter Pack

33.58 лв.

Small, reusable, easy-to-carry aluminium storage container and a 150pcs refill that will fit your bag when camping, fishing, hiking etc.

Heavy-duty bamboo tab wipes, biodegradable and up for any task. Add 5 ml water and enjoy the faces of everyone around as the tab unfolds. Kids will love it……. Actually, adults too.

Get started with an OUTDOOR EDITION pack and be eco-stylish anywhere!

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Compressed bamboo wipes

Dr. Isla’s compressed bamboo wipes are a multifunctional, compact substitute for conventional wet wipes. Pour a few drops of water on the tab to get a high-density wet wipe. You can replace the water with a liquid of your choosing as needed! Try an essential oil solution to tease your senses. A SPA experience while hiking, amazing right!

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